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Below The Line Advertising in Chennai

Below The Line Advertising


Below The Line Advertising is a cost-effective way of promoting your brand. A good Return on Investment can be expected from BTL activities because they are directed towards a specific category of audience; there is a one to one communication directly with the target customer. BTL activities include sales promotion campaigns, outdoor advertising, trade shows, event sponsorships, direct marketing, point of sales activities, brand activation, etc


Sales Sakthi can help your brand with a wide range of BTL promotional activities. These activities let your customers become aware of your brand and give them a chance to experience it. They also serve as an opportunity to get to know the customer reviews of the brand, which can give further insights on the way forward for the brand.






We design promotional strategies with respect to BTL Advertising to meet the preferences of your target customers. We ensure that these promotional activities provide a good chance of creating brand awareness and brand engagement among your target audience.


1. Point of Sale:


The objective is to enhance the point-of-sale transactions. There are various point of sale tactics that will facilitate a cordial transaction between the customer and the sales person. These methods also influence the purchase decisions of your target customer.


• Personal selling


Our promotional staffs engage in a personal interaction with the customer wherein they tell them about your product or service. The customers are informed about the product features, benefits, usage methods, etc. The focus is not just on promoting the brand, but also to build a relationship between the customer and the brand. The advantage of Personal selling is that the customers are likely to pay more attention.


• Merchandising


In-store Merchandising aims at stimulating interest among the customers and influencing them to choose your brand. Optimal product display, FIFO display, promotional merchandising, maintaining stock hygiene, etc are elements of this. In our experience, we have learnt that implementing certain innovative practices in merchandising can have a huge impact on the sales of the products.


2. Product Sampling:


Our sales staffs are assigned in chosen strategic locations in places with high foot traffic, or places where the target audiences can be reached. The sales staffs give away free product samples to the customers and ask for their feedback. Product sampling is a form of Experiential Marketing where customers try your product and establish a connection with your brand. We provide services using these methods in sampling:


• Dry Sampling


• Wet Sampling