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FAQ sales sakthi

1. What is your minimum period of engagement?

The minimum period of engagement is six months. Based on our experience, this is the minimum time required to set objectives and make the outcome of strategies visible. There is this one month notice period incorporated into the MOU for a smooth exit on either side.

2. What is your professional fee?

We do our consulting services on a retainer model. The professional retainer fee depends on the scope of project, deliverables agreed upon, and such parameters.

3. Will you be able to appoint distributors for us?

Yes. we do identify and appoint distributors, super stockists, C&FA, etc. if the retainer arrangement is for a minimum period of six months. Our Distribution Management Consultants will guide you through this.

4. Will you support us in listing our products in the Modern Trade outlets?

We are well experienced in handling Modern Trade business. Yes. We will be able to help you handle the process of enlistment of products in Modern Trade. Modern Trade listing is a time-consuming process and hence if our retainer arrangement is for less than six months, we normally do not undertake this.

5. Do you have salespeople / field manpower for the distribution of our products?

We do not have salesforce in our payroll. However, depending on the requirement, we can identify, recruit, train and handhold salespeople who would remain in your payroll.

6. How do we measure your contribution / performance / support?

After we sign the MOU for the retainer arrangement, we would be working out a detailed calendar (timeline) for deliverables which would be agreed upon mutually. Our systems for feedback and review enable you to see the progress and whether the project is progressing as per the agreed plan.

7. Will you work on a profit-sharing basis?

We do not offer consultancy on this model when we start our engagement with a client. The initial phase of six months would help us understand the market, consumer, and growth opportunities. This phase would also help you understand our integrity and commitment. We would be then open to looking at a revised model of engagement including profit sharing.

8. Can you work on a model based on variable compensation?

We do not offer consultancy on this model. However, as outlined elsewhere in this FAQ, after we gain an understanding of the market, consumer, and potential for the products, we can arrive at a formula of the fixed plus variable that would be linked to our deliverables.

9. Would you be able to identify a new line of business and create infrastructure for it?

Based on your strengths and line of interest, we can conduct research and recommend new lines of business in the distribution and retailing sectors. We would also be hand-holding you till you become self-reliant.

10. Do you work only with FMCG products?

Our major experience is with the FMCG industry. But that does not restrict us to FMCG only. After all, it is about understanding and driving the distribution channel.