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Success strategies

We provide time tested sales and distribution strategies that make you a winner in the market place

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We identify the right Model Of Distribution that best suits your business.

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Our services are cost-effective and budget friendly.

Distribution and Sales Force Management Consultants

about sales sakthi

Sales Sakthi is an initiative of Brand Kare, a Marketing Consultancy firm. Distribution Management and Salesforce Management are the specialized services offered under the brand name ‘Sales Sakthi’. This initiative is being front-ended by Mr.P.Sivaraman, a senior distribution and retailing professional with a distinguished track record of over 30 years in the areas of sales and distribution management. He is supported by a team, the members of which are passionate about the art of selling. We strongly believe that the sales function is the lifeblood of a business. Mr. Sivaraman and his team are eager to share their expertise with you in your quest to optimize your sales and distribution operations. Sales Sakthi brings the “power of selling” to you through its consulting packages.

Our team of FMCG Sales Consultants and Marketing Consultants offer services in Chennai, Bangalore and across Tamil Nadu.


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