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Sales Force and Channel Management in Chennai


Hiring the sales force requires proper planning and execution. When it comes to sales, we need employees that stick to the job. High rates of attrition can disturb the progress of the organization. Also the recruitment process is time consuming and costly and hence we need to get the most out of it.


Looking for a time and cost saving strategy?


We can help. Through our network, we will refer skilled sales people that perfectly fit in with the job description. We will analyse the job requirement and based on it we will look for potential candidates within our referral network. The candidates will be assessed for their skills and capabilities in the field of sales and also the personality-job fit will be analysed. Apart from helping companies recruit promising talent, we also help in managing them.


Sales Sakthi provides sales force recruitment and sales force management services to clients in Bangalore, Chennai and across Tamil Nadu.


Sales force Recruitment


Sales force Recruitment flow chart


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